Quran Explorer Academy’s primary purpose is to make sure that schooling is available to all of us regardless of economic affairs. We proudly state that no fees are associated with attending our online Quran classes. Instead, we kindly ask for a contribution towards the exceptional services provided by our dedicated instructors. The tutors dedicate numerous hours of effort to guarantee that every student is provided with a comprehensive & fulfilling educational journey. We can sustain & improve the calibre of education we offer because of your kind donation, which is essential to their devotion. We welcome contributions in any amount, so it’s easy for students to join our community from wherever in the world.

Flexible Scheduling Options

We offer a variety of schedules to accommodate your needs. Feel at liberty to select a program that aligns with your preferences. For individuals needing classes on weekends, we are happy to invite students to our Sunday sessions, ensuring everyone has the chance to learn, regardless of their weekend schedules.

Why Choose the Quran Explorer Classroom Plan?

Investing in a Quran Explorer Classroom Plan unlocks an unrivalled, comprehensive online Quran learning experience tailored to meet the needs of today’s dynamic learners. With High-Quality Video and Audio Streaming, lessons are delivered with clarity, ensuring that every word and recitation is heard as if you were sitting next to your tutor. Including Real-time Text Chat enhances understanding and interaction, making each lesson an engaging two-way communication.

One of the most significant advantages is cost-effectiveness; Quran Explorer’s log system means that charges are accrued based on the actual classroom time utilized, making this an economical option where you truly Save Money as you learn. Further enhancing the learning experience is the Mobile App, which brings the complete Quran Classroom to your fingertips wherever you are.

Safety is paramount, and with the Parental Watch feature, guardians can monitor their child’s classes with peace of mind, even when not physically present. To facilitate learning, the platform offers several features, such as an integrated Quran, Qaida, tasks, digital whiteboard, file exchange, discussion logs, and additional materials conveniently located in one location.

Moreover, by enabling the rewatch & preservation of important educational sections, the Storage Hub elevates scholastic achievements. The Timetable function ensures that students and instructors stay organized with notifications and a timer leading to lesson commencement. Choosing the Quran Explorer Classroom Plan means equipping yourself or your loved one with the best online Quranic education, blending tradition with modern technology for a truly enriching learning journey.